En holistisk tilgang til at hele krop, sind og sjæl.
Healende energi og lydterapi med stemmegafler afslapper nervesystemet og skaber
velvære, balance og fornyet energi.

Vil du booke en session eller har du nogle spørgsmål, så ring eller send en mail. Jeg vender tilbage hurtigst muligt.



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Healing & Sound Therapy  

Relaxation – Nervous system

You can have a session simply because you want to relax and increase your wellbeing. You will feel the calming effects as your nervous system relaxes and your mind and body le​t go.

Mental & Emotional 

You can go deeper and work with different aspects of your life. It can be things you struggle with such as anxiety, sadness, anger, compulsions, helplessness, loss etc. It can also be things you want to focus on such as creativity, motivation, balance, awakening etc.

Physical – Immune – Lymphatic – Endocrine

You can also focus on the body – boosting the immune system, improving sleep, lowering blood pressure, decreasing pain, increasing energy and much more.


For those already on the path it is a great way to work with challenges and go deeper, strengthening the sense of being. There can be a physical expression to working on this level and for some this is very intense.

Practical issues         

Type of session

I offer both online zoom sessions and in-person sessions 

Number of sessions

I recommend 2-3 sessions to start, with no more than two weeks in between. After that, it ranges from 2 weeks up to 4 weeks between sessions depending on response and level of immersion. Some have regular sessions every two weeks, some have more sessions close together and others have longer in between. It is completely up to you.


You might feel a number of things depending on what we have worked on. It is always a good idea to relax the rest of the day as you might feel tired both physically and mentally.


I am fluent in both English and Danish.

If you would like to book a session